Which natural painkillers do you best to use in which pain?

Natural painkillers are often underestimated. Nevertheless, in many cases they can perfectly replace chemical painkillers (medicines). Even with chronic pains. And that is necessary. Almost 25% of our population suffers from chronic pains. To remedy this, we are massively resorting to analgesic drugs. With prolonged use, they often cause serious side effects. Natural painkillers don’t have those. And according to large-scale studies, they in many cases just as well satisfy your pain than medicines. Even with chronic pains.

What are the best natural painkillers that soften even chronic pains?

Drugs to relieve pain often cause serious side effects. Natural painkillers are often as effective as medicines. Painkillers are most often used for head, muscle and joint pain.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain can be felt constant on one or several parts of the body. In case of pain symptoms, we massively resort to painkillers. Daily swallowing a lot of painkillers causes serious side effects. Natural painkillers are then a healthy and often equally effective alternative to pain.

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Why natural painkillers?

So, analgesic drugs are far from always without risk. Previously harmless painkillers such as the popular paracetamol often have serious side effects. Natural painkillers are then more than welcome. But what are the right natural painkillers?

The best natural painkillers: Olive oil similar to Ibuprofen

This is without a doubt the most healthy kind of oil that you can use in cooking. But large-scale scientific research also taught us that this oil has the same effect as ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatory agents. Olive oil also has a strong analgesic effect with little or no side effects. It reduces your risk of blood clots, alzheimer’s or even cancer.

The best natural painkillers: Turmeric in rheumatism

Contains curcumin, one of the strength natural painkillers. Curcumin relieves pain and prevents inflammation. It has no side effects and is excellent against rheumatism. The blocks neurotransmitters before they transmit a pain signal to our brain. The recommended dose of turmeric is 600 milligrams three times a day.

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The best natural painkillers: Fish oil against arthritis

Fish oil is rich in healthy fatty acids and especially omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it can block the production of inflammatory chemical substances. This is the case with leukotrienes and cytokine. These cause severe pain and are a major cause of arthritis. Fish oil also reduces the annoying symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Fish oil also helps in the rehab of addictive steroids and other analgesic drugs that act addictively.

The best natural painkillers: Blueberries against urinary tract infection

Blueberries are rich in healthy nutrients and excellent anti-inflammatory drugs. We owe this to their large amount of strong antioxidants. They protect us from the free radicals. The latter damage our body tissues, make us sick and accelerate our natural aging process. Blueberries are also excellent against painful infections of our urinary tract. They simultaneously purify our blood, reduce the risk of all kinds of inflammation, act strongly diuretically and reduce the amount of glucose in diabetics.

Grapes against back pain

One of the best natural painkillers are grapes. They are especially effective in back pain. The anti-inflammatory effect of grapes improves our circulation, eliminating back pain. A cup of grapes a day helps with back, neck, shoulder and abdominal pain.

Oats at menstrual pain

To maximize all its health benefits, eat oats with your breakfast, for example in milk, natural yoghurt or cottage cheese. Oats are a strong anti-inflammatory and especially effective in menstrual pain. Thanks to its large amount, it relieves pain in endometriosis. Oats perfectly combine with meat, chicken, a homemade salad and soup.

The best natural painkillers: Garlic against painful joints

Is one of the best natural painkillers and especially effective against aching joints and especially against arthritis. For best operation, peel a clove of garlic and heat it in a tablespoon of oil. With this, treat the painful place by letting it act for a while. Apply it to the area that hurts and let it act. You immediately notice the result. Also use garlic against toothache. Crush three cloves of garlic and mix them with a little salt. Apply it to the aching tooth where you leave the mixture for several minutes and you will be rid of your pain.

Apple cider vinegar against heartburn and stomach inflammation

Especially relieves heartburn and helps with stomach inflammation. You add it to your homemade salads. Apple cider vinegar has a strong deacidifying effect which improves your health.

The best natural painkillers: Chamomile against muscle and nerve pain

Chamomile tea helps mainly with muscle and nerve pain but also with a sore back, neck and abdomen.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most healthy types of tea you can drink. It will not only help you lose weight. It acts analgesic and strongly anti-inflammatory. Drink up to four cups of green tee daily and you will soon notice its effect.

Incense effective in arthrosis

Originated from Boswellia trees. Are effective in joint inflammation. In arthrosis, a combination of incense and curcumin is more efficient than the commonly prescribed analgesic diclofenac.

The best natural painkillers: Basil has anti-inflammatory

Basil contains essential oils that have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. This herb also provides healthy blood pressure and protects it from diabetes. Preferably use fresh basil. Dried basil is a good alternative. Use basil as a tee.

The best natural painkillers: Red chilli pepper

Red chili pepper contains capsicum, a substance that reduces the sensitivity of nerve receptors. This makes chilli pepper an excellent analgesic in the relatively long term. Chilli peppers are best served by cooking them in your dish or baking with them. One or two red peppers is already enough. You can also dry the pepper and grind it into powder that you can mix under your dishes.

Cherries against rheumatic diseases and muscle pain

Cherries contain substances that block inflammation and relieve pain, especially in rheumatic diseases but also in muscle pain.

Peppermint against muscle and toothache

Is excellent for stomach and intestinal problems and with but also with muscle and toothache. Besides being a good pain reliever, peppermint is also good against skin irritations and bad breath. So exchange your morning coffee for a homemade mint tea.

The best natural painkillers: Clove against headaches

This herb is especially excellent with head and toothache, with arthritis and with gum disease. Clove is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with pain anesthetic properties. This is due to the presence of eugenol, often the active substance in many painkillers. Make tea with a teaspoon of cloves in half a liter of water to boil for at least ten minutes. Drink this with small sips and let it quietly do its job. With toothache, you can hold a clove against your painful ones.

Coriander relieves painful muscles and joints

Is a strong natural anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic effect. Coriander seeds instantly relieve painful muscles and joints. It is also effective for head, muscle and abdominal pain and stiff joints, muscle pain and abdominal pain. Make coriander tea with a teaspoon of coriander per half liter of water.

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