This can also mean a hot stone massage for your health

Hot stone massage is a popular massage therapy that mainly helps relax and restore damaged soft tissues. During a massage with hot stones, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific areas of your body. The stones are usually made of basalt, a kind of volcanic rock that retains heat. These massage stones are heated to a temperature between 45 degrees. A virtuous warm massage does much more than relax you. Did you know that such a massage even helps you to lose weight easier?

What can a hot stone massage mean for your health?

This kind of massage is already centuries old. Both the Greeks and the Romans used in their bathhouses already warm stones to massage each other. Then followed the Incas, the Indians, Maori’s and many other cultures. Also in Eastern culture, warm stones were used to prevent or remedy common ailments. Already then the stones were placed on the acupuncture points and ironed over our meridians.

What is Hot Stone Massage

It is a heat massage that addresses both body and mind. The warmth of the stones penetrates deep into your muscles and provides a deep relaxation. The pressure of the stones causes a so-called stretching effect on your muscles. In this massage one uses rounded basalt stones or volcanic stones. The stones have an average temperature of 45 degrees. The therapist lays the stones in specific places on your body. So you will be massaged with a combination of warm stones and massage oil.

Cold massage stones

Sometimes after a massage with warm stones one also uses cold stones. That’s the case to soothe swollen blood vessels and troubled skin.

Place of the warm stones

The warm stones are placed in certain places on your body. This is especially the case along your spine, on your stomach, your chest, your face, your palms and on your feet and your toes.

Hot stone massage with circular motions

During the massage, the therapist makes long circular movements. That makes the hot stone massage even more effective. This massage technique stimulates both the function of all organs and our metabolism. That helps to cleanse you of all toxic waste due to an unhealthy diet. In doing so, we restore our self-healing ability. We lost this because of the increasing flow of toxic waste from our diet, as a result of the many body processes and our poor living and living environment. The hot stone massage is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Other massage movements

In addition to these circular movements, the therapist also has other Swedish massage techniques. The main ones are: long strokes, vibration branch and kneading.

This massage especially helps with:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Tensions
  • Muscle problems
  • Blockades
  • Not inflamed rheumatism and arthrosis
  • Poor blood circulation¬†
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Digestive problems
  • Headache

A hot stone massage is not suitable for everyone and everyone

Do you suffer from infectious skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, wounds or fever and are you at a higher risk of thrombosis? Then this massage therapy is not suitable for you. Diabetics or people with cardiovascular diseases and with high blood pressure and pregnant women should first ask the advice of their family doctor.

Hot stone massage is auxiliary therapy

All types of massages are part of alternative medicine. They are an additional therapy to classical medicine for the remedy of many ailments.

A hot stone massage relieves muscle pain and muscle tension

Heat is very effective in the treatment of muscle pain and muscle tension. We owe this to improving blood supply, which also reduces muscle spasms and tension. This will make your muscles supple again. Cold therapy helps reduce inflammation again. Then alternating hot and cold stones are the most effective.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Many types of massages such as the hot stone massage and adapted chair massages of only fifteen minutes are greatly stress-relieving. Stresses a major cause of obesity and associated conditions such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, too much bad cholesterol, disturbed hormones, excess fat (triglycerides) in our blood, poor blood circulation and blood flow, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hot stone massage improves your sleep

It is a healthy alternative to sleeping pills. It tackles your sleep problems, improves your sleep and makes you enjoy a restful and restorative sleep.

Relieves symptoms of autoimmune diseases

This warm massage relieves the painful symptoms of many autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain. A hot stone massage reduces the trigger points that cause fibromyalgia.

Pain signals

It simultaneously lowers the substance P, a substance involved in the transmission of pain signals. This massage therapy is also effective in rheumatoid arthritis. This massage also strengthens your immunity. So you are less at risk of colds, flu and bronchitis. This massage therapy also regulates your blood pressure and your fluid balance.

Helps you lose weight even easier

Did you know that massages and especially this hot stone massage helps to lose your excess weight easier. Massages will help you fight stress, and now let this be one of the main causes of excess weight. This massage also activates your metabolism so you burn more stored body fat.

Provides smooth and healthy muscles

They consume energy (calories), even at rest and during sleep. That is why the importance is emphasized so emphatically, especially for those who want to lose weight responsibly. How much sleep is needed for this depends on several factors. So that varies from person to person. It is generally believed that eight hours of sleep per night is ideal.

A hot stone massage is safe

A hot stone massage is safe. Nevertheless, there are some factors in which this massage is inappropriate. Be sure to consult your family doctor first if you:

  • Suffers from a bleeding disorder
  • Blood thinners take
  • Suffers from burning on your skin
  • Open wounds
  • Blood clots
  • The last six weeks have been operated on
  • A fracture or osteoporosis (bone descaling)
  • Too few platelets (thrombocytopenia)
  • Diabetes

A hot stone massage during pregnancy

A pregnancy massage can relieve stress and annoying pregnancy symptoms. However, most massage therapists will not use hot stones during pregnancy without permission from your general practitioner.


To avoid possible burns, use a towel or sheet between the hot stones and your skin. You only heat the stones with a professional massage stone stove. Never use stones that have been heated with a:

  • Microwave oven
  • Cooker
  • Hot plate
  • Oven

What is needed for giving a hot stone massage?

The hot stone massage therapy is often used as a beneficial muscle relaxant. That’s what the therapist does with smooth, warm massage stones. He puts it on certain triggers.

A hot stone massage set consists of a heater with massage stones

A hot stone set consists of a hot stone heater that heats the massage stones. For a relaxing and relaxing massage one preferably uses basalt stones. These are volcanic hard stones with high hardness, which makes them excellent to retain the heat.

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