The vegetarian diet makes you lose weight easily and healthily

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The vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who want to lose weight with plant-based foods. Rapid slimming is the wish of everyone who finally wants to do something about his or her overweight. Vegetarians and overweight. An impossible combination for many, but that is certainly not the case. You would certainly be amazed at how many vegetarians are overweight and want to lose weight quickly. The fact that not all vegetarians are slim is usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet with an excessively fatty and high-calorie diet.

Is the vegetarian diet healthy for slimming without yo-yo effect?

Those who eat healthy vegetarian food are of course much less likely to be overweight, obese and obese and to have life-threatening conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer than those who do not eat vegetarian food. But do all vegetarians eat in a healthy way?

Vegetarian diet without meat and fish

Vegetarians do not eat meat and fish. Fish in particular is part of a healthy diet. And meat also provides many health benefits. It is not only an important source of energy, but also of indispensable proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is not for nothing that dietitians and nutrition coaches recommend a daily portion of meat of up to 100 grams.

The vegetarian diet with natural meat substitutes

The vegetarian dietVegetarians replace meat and fish with vegetarian meat substitutes such as tempeh, quorn and seitan, but are these meat substitutes so much healthier than meat of animal origin? Especially in recent years, these meat substitutes have become much healthier. They contain much less fat and calories, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Many meat substitutes and especially vegetable burgers still contain far too high a fat content. They are therefore responsible for ensuring that some vegetarians are not only overweight, but also with significant shortages of healthy nutrients.

The vegetarian diet: Healthy and natural food

So it is far from the case that with a vegetarian diet, the kilos fly off like this. Vegetarians mainly eat fruit and vegetables, which is only to be applauded. But in addition to this healthy diet, they also eat unhealthy and high-calorie snacks such as biscuits, sweets and pastries, chips and high-calorie cheeses.

Rapidly lose weight with the vegetarian diet

Fast slimming without yo-yo effect is perfectly possible as a vegetarian and easier than for those who do not eat vegetarian. Vegetarians prefer fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and seeds. Nutrients that are low in calories but all the more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The vegetarian diet is now available for vegetarians who want to get rid of their obesity. Nutrition rich in carbohydrates is central to this.

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Eat fewer calories 

The vegetarian dietThe daily calories are reduced to 1200. In a vegetarian diet you eat a lot of pasta, grains and legumes such as peas, lentils and chickpeas. This prolongs your feeling of satiety and postpones your hunger, so you will automatically eat less. With this vegetarian diet it is perfectly possible to lose up to five kilos of overweight during one week. Due to the limited caloric intake, dietitians recommend not to follow this diet for more than three weeks and to repeat after a few weeks.

You learn to eat healthy

In a vegetarian diet, shortages of healthy nutrients easily arise. Therefore, pay extra attention to the intake of sufficient:

  • Proteins: important sources of vegetable proteins are soy and all products based on soy, quinoa, buckwheat and hemp seed. Proteins ensure healthy muscle building and muscle retention and a longer feeling of satiety, so that your hunger stays out longer and you will eat less
  • Iron: Eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, endive green cabbage or savoy cabbage and green beans regularly. Iron deficiency causes fatigue, pale skin, anemia and poor physical condition
  • Vitamin B12: Vegetarians have an increased risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency, especially present in food of animal origin. A lack of vitamin B12 leads to a reduced resistance and even anemia.
  • Nuts and seeds: Healthy, unsaturated fats are mainly found in all kinds of nuts, seeds and kernels. These are bursting with essential proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.

You eat as little as possible in a vegetarian diet

  • Cheese: is a good source of vitamins, minerals and many other healthy nutrients. However, the fat content of many cheeses is so high that you limit eating cheese as much as possible and prefer low-fat cheeses
  • Butter cream and fatty sauces: especially when flavoring vegetables, butter, cream and sauces are often used. Replace these fasteners as much as possible with fresh herbs. Always give preference to seasonal vegetables as much as possible, they are naturally richer in taste

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