Soy healthy as an aid for responsible weight loss?

Soy healthy? Soy is mainly used as part of a vegetarian diet, especially as a meat substitute. After all, those who prefer a vegetarian diet do not eat food of animal origin. So certainly not meat and fish, but all the more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and seeds. As a result, soy is becoming increasingly popular with all those who want to improve their health, while at the same time doing something about their obesity.

Is soy healthy as an aid for responsible weight loss?

Soy has been controversial for some time. For one, it’s a superfood, while others question the health benefits of soy. What is certain is that soy is bursting with high-quality proteins. And protein-rich nutrition is central to every healthy diet to lose weight. However, to lose our overweight requires much more than these proteins. All crash diets contain high concentrations of protein, but little or no healthy fats and slow carbohydrates. And things are going wrong here. A crash diet is one-sided, which makes weight loss very temporary.

We only lose weight with proteins, healthy fats and slow carbohydrates, and enough exercise.

According to many, soy is a super protein. Others consider it a serious disrupt or to our hormones. Soy healthy: Who is right? We investigated ourselves

What is soy?

Soy healthySoy is mainly used in the form of soy milk, tofu and tempeh as meat substitutes. The soy bean and peas, vegetable sprouts, lentils and chickpeas belong to the legumes. Legumes are therefore in principle not vegetables, but they are used as such. In addition to vegetarians, soy and soy products are used by people with a cow’s milk allergy. For them, it serves as an indispensable source of protein. The soybean has no less than 17 grams of protein per 100 grams on board. Once all the fat has been removed from the bean, a kind of flour remains, half of which consists of high-quality proteins. This flour is further refined and used as protein powder in protein shakes. It is also often used as animal feed. Because this protein powder is so cheap, it is widely used in processed foods.

In addition to proteins, soy is also an important source of:

  • Vitamins: especially all vitamins of the B complex, but also vitamin K.
  • Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, selenium and manganese
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Healthy, polyunsaturated fats

Soy healthy: soy products help with:

  • Obesity: in a balanced and varied diet, soy helps with weight loss. In addition to high-quality proteins, soy is also rich in healthy unsaturated fats and free from unhealthy fats and trans fats
  • Stable blood sugar: it ensures a stable blood sugar level, which reduces our risk of diabetes. Stable blood sugar levels are also beneficial for weight loss because our body produces less insulin
  • Delays our natural aging process
  • Osteoporosis: thanks to its composition, it ensures strong bones
  • Heart disease: eaten in moderation, it reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis
  • Unhealthy Cholesterol: Soy balances our cholesterol by lowering our bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Soothe menopausal symptoms: such as mood swings, sweating, increased irritability, hot flashes
  • Cancer: reduces our risk of common and aggressive cancers

The possible drawbacks

Soy healthyAs is the case with everything, soy also has some drawbacks. However, they only manifest if we eat too much of it.

Possible disadvantages with excessive consumption of soy:

  • An underactive thyroid gland
  • Less absorption of minerals from our diet
  • Too high a level of the female hormone estrogen

Soy healthy: eaten in moderation, soy fits into any healthy diet

  • Soy has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the limited drawbacks do not outweigh the many health benefits. In addition, any disadvantages manifest themselves when we eat too much soy.
  • It fits into any healthy diet, even if you want to lose weight. Take advantage of the benefits, but eat soy in moderation.
  • Soy is rich in all healthy nutrients.
  • It gives you a longer feeling of satiety so that your appetite for sweet and unhealthy snacks disappear. Your feeling of hunger does not last longer, so you automatically eat less.
  • Soy helps break down stored body fat faster and purifies your body of all toxic waste.
  • A pure body without waste will lose weight more easily.

It also provides extra muscle building, which is also important if you want to lose weight. After all, muscles burn energy, even at rest.

Drink two glasses of soy milk daily, even if you want to lose weight.

Soybeans are delicious as vegetables and can be added to many healthy dishes

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