Replace this diet with natural food if we do not want to endanger our health

Replace this diet with natural food if we do not want to endanger our health. Unhealthy nutrition not only puts our health at risk. It also makes losing weight impossible. Unhealthy nutrition is one of the main causes of excess weight. Often it is not easy to separate healthy and unhealthy food. Another problem is that we consider a lot of food products to be healthy, which is certainly not the case.

In short, what is the most unhealthy diet that puts our health at risk and makes losing weight impossible?

Replace this diet. We all know that sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and fast carbohydrates threaten our health and are important causes of obesity. But often many food products are unhealthy while we consider them healthy and therefore eat them almost daily. So it is best that we know what is really healthy and what is not.

Replace this diet: What do we mean by unhealthy food?

Nutrition is unhealthy if it contains few healthy nutrients. We are talking primarily about vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, proteins, fatty acids and especially omega 3 fatty acids and slow carbohydrates. Instead, unhealthy food is rich in saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, starch and salt. Processed and ready-made foods are the most unhealthy. If you want to lose weight easier and do not want to harm your health, you better not eat them. In summary, unhealthy nutrition contains:

Replace this diet: Too few healthy nutrients

Replace this diet. These are the so-called “empty calories” or calories that do not instill our health anything positive. We are mainly talking about all fried dishes, processed (red) meat and certainly meat such as bread spreads (charcuterie), ready-made food, frozen meals and sweet and fatty snacks.

Replace this diet: Too little dietary fiber

Replace this diet. Dietary fiber is not only an important source of all healthy nutrients needed to function properly. They also give us a fast and long-lasting satisfaction so that we are less hungry and our appetite for sweet disappears. We are talking about sweets, biscuits, pastries, energy bars, ready-made cereals and all white types of bread.

Replace this diet: Excess saturated fats and trans fats

The latter are the most unhealthy fats we can eat. You can find them mainly in all hard fats, in margarine, deep fat, all fried products, frozen meals, fast food and even in cheese, coffee milk and in milk powder.

Replace unhealthy food with natural food

You can be live healthy and lose weight easily through all processed and ready-made food products (including soups and sauces) but also fast food, sweets, biscuits, cakes, chips, sweet and unhealthy snacks, meat as spreads (sausage, salami, pate), and all kinds of soft drinks, fruit and juices (also their light version) can be replaced with natural food and especially with fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and kernels. You will quickly notice the effect of both your belly circumference and the result on the scale.

Replace this diet: Important consequences of unhealthy nutrition

Eating unhealthy food has the same addictive effect as drugs. The more unhealthy you eat the greater your appetite for unhealthy foods such as pizza, burgers and other junk food diet. Unhealthy nutrition also reduces our life expectancy. Scientific research shows that as many as a third of all types of cancers are the direct result of unhealthy nutrition. Unhealthy eating is also the main cause of:

  • Excess weight
  • Too much belly fat
  • Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure and poor blood flow
  • Disrupted hormones
  • Too much bad cholesterol and fat (triglycerides) in our blood
  • Diabetes

Unhealthy food and you’re feeling of hunger

Unhealthy nutrition also adversely affects our feeling of hunger. The more unhealthy we eat, the greater our hunger. This also means that we can eat day and night and yet receive far too few healthy nutrients. The problem is that a lot of food that we consider healthy is not.

Replace this diet: This makes it easier to eat healthy

Here are the best tips to keep unhealthy food out of your diet as much as possible:

  • Cook yourself instead of using ready-made dishes or frozen meals
  • Customize your shopping list to your weekly menu
  • Especially make your lunch so that you are in time in the morning.
  • Do not use ready-made sauces or dressings. Replace them with, for example, olive oil and balsamic.
  • Season all dishes with fresh herbs and spices and use as little as possible and best not salt.
  • The healthiest way to prepare your dishes is steaming, cooking, grilling or working instead of baking or frying.
  • If you are going to eat out regularly, choose fresh soup or a vegetable salad instead of fries or baked potatoes.

Replace a sweet or unhealthy snack with a piece of fresh fruit, 20 grams of dark chocolate with at least 85 percent raw cocoa, a handful of raw nuts seeds and kernels, natural yogurt or cottage cheese without additives.

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