Persistent weight loss – Where should you look to achieve your goal?

Maintaining weight loss is even more difficult for most people than losing weight itself. With willpower alone, you won’t lose weight. There is a need for a roadmap. Without such an action plan, your intention to lose weight responsibly is doomed to failure. You then quickly fall back into your old and often unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits so that you quickly weigh more than at the start of your slimming treatment. Do you feel good and motivated to go to it with a roadmap? With many healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fibersĀ – Yes. Then your chances of success are very high.

What should you pay attention to in order to maintain weight loss in a pleasant way? Losing weight is not easy. For many, even impossible. Persevering losing weight is the next step. It succeeds even less, especially since those who want to solve their weight problem definitively opt for a crash diet. This consists almost exclusively of proteins and little or no healthy fats and carbohydrates. A crash diet often consists of less than a thousand calories, often reducing our daily calorie intake to just 500, far too little to sustain this for a long time and is harmful to our health. The more drastically we adjust our eating habits, the harder it will be to keep up. You only do this with a simple roadmap with achievable goals.

Longing weight in the long term

Maintaining weight loss only succeeds in a healthy diet with as much natural food as possible, not with any diet. Diets, and certainly crash diets you never last long. And a short time dieting is meaningless. If you fall into your old eating habits, you’ll be back in just as soon. The dreaded yo-yo effect, you know. Maintaining your healthy weight is done in a combination of a healthy diet and lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise. Lose weight should remain fun, so without hunger and constantly counting calories. Provide at least a day without a diet. That’s the only way to keep it up. There’s a chance you’ll gain a little, but that’s temporary. It mainly concerns water that you will soon lose.

Maintain weight loss with simple and goals and intermediate goals

What is your healthy target weight and how much do you want to lose weight? Set achievable goals instead of prospects that are not achievable. That brings you one step closer to your healthy weight. Just like your excess weight didn’t come into being overnight, you don’t get rid of it in one or two three. Losing weight requires time, and losing weight will sustain even more if possible. Weekly losing a kilogram of weight is feasible. With your step-by-step plan, you first determine your target.

Intermediate targets are also very useful

Intermediate goals can help you and strengthen extra motivation. For example, imagine as an intermediate goal to have healthy breakfast daily. And certainly to replace unhealthy soft drinks, ready-made fruit and fruit juices with water as much as possible. Coffee and then without milk and sugar and a homemade smoothie are also good alternatives. As good as trading sweet and unhealthy snacks for a piece of fruit, raw vegetables, a homemade vegetable salad, 120 milliliters of raw natural yogurt and cottage cheese without additives or a boiled egg.

Eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates

Only when you master all this can you gradually replace all unhealthy and fast carbohydrates (especially refined sugar) with slow carbohydrates. Replace sweet snacks such as sweets, biscuits, pastries and chips as well as all white breads, white pasta and rice with their healthy refined varieties. In a healthy diet, you mainly eat:

Lots of fresh vegetables and certainly green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are mainly spinach, endive, sprouts, all green lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, all green coals, paksoi, Chinese cabbage, garden and watercress

Fresh fruit

Is also rich in all healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and strong antioxidants. Fruit also contains fruit sugars. Therefore, you do not eat it indefinitely like vegetables. Limit your fruit consumption to up to three different pieces of fruit per day.

High-quality proteins

Are rich in all healthy nutrients needed to function properly. Proteins also help you lose weight easier. Therefore, a healthy diet consists mainly of proteins. They quickly give you a long-lasting feeling that makes you eat less. Nutrition with lots of protein also increase your muscle mass. Muscles help you lose weight because they use energy (calories) even at rest and while we sleep. Proteins are mainly found in: eggs, chicken, turkey, raw nuts, seeds and seeds.

Maintain weight loss with Healthy fats

Fats are not all the same. Saturated fats and trans fats harm our health and are a major cause of obesity and associated disorders. They contain little or no healthy nutrients. Unsaturated fats and fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 are indispensable as a supplier of energy. Eating enough healthy fats helps you burn stored fat even easier and thus lose weight easier. Healthy fats are mainly found in: fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes (peas, beans, vegetable germs, corn, capuchin, currants, lentils and chickpeas), fatty fish.

Lose weight persisting without sugar

Are you addicted to sugar? Sugar is quickly absorbed. The more sugar and sweet you eat, the greater your appetite for sweet. Leave sugar and all that is sweet in future. This is not an easy task, because sugar is increasingly processed on food products.

Allow alcohol to stand

If you maintain your healthy diet and lifestyle as long as possible, it is best to abandon alcoholic drinks. They provide extra fat storage, fuel your appetite and only deliver calories and no healthy nutrients.

Sustain weight: Relax regularly and sleep enough

The best way to avoid stress is to relax in a timely manner. Stress is unhealthy and among the main causes of excess weight. Sleep enough. After all, losing weight sleeping is not a fairy tale. While we sleep, our muscles remain active and consume energy (calories). How much sleep we need depends on several factors and varies from person to person. Eight hours of sleep is ideal. Some don’t have enough with that, while others

Lose weight by not eating before bedtime

Something to eat before bedtime doesn’t make you fat. Spread your food over a whole day is much more important. You burn more fat counterfeits you eat as little as you can before bedtime. Then you use your fat reserves as a source of energy. If you eat enough during the day, you will have little or no hunger in the evening.Regularity

Eating regularly and so as much as possible at the same times is important. Eat six times a day but limited with three meals and maximum as many healthy snacks. This reduces your appetite for sweet.

Move enough

To permanently lose your excess weight, you also need to exercise enough. You do this by moving more. At least 30 minutes a day, because our body needs 20 minutes before it goes to fat burning. Daily half an hour of walking, cycling or jogging is enough. Do this also in bad weather and in winter. For maximum results, you also work with the weights. You can easily do that at home with kettlebell.

Lose weight persisting you do not only

Maintaining weight loss is easier if you are supported. A partner or family members who don’t support you and eat what they feel like doesn’t work. Maintaining weight loss becomes fun when your partner, family or friends support you with losing weight. Also, be sure not to be tempted to eat too much and unhealthy.

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