Fruit low in carbohydrates for better health without excess weight

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Fruit is as healthy as fresh vegetables. The big difference is that fruit contains natural sugars. Fortunately, they are much healthier than added sugars, but they remain sugars. Vary as much as possible when eating fruits. In a healthy diet, you eat no more than three different pieces of fruit daily. If you want to … Read more

Is sparkling water unhealthier than flat water because it contains carbon dioxide?

Sprankelend water

Is sparkling water unhealthier than flat water because it contains carbon dioxide? That question is often asked because drinking One prefers flat water, while the other prefers sparkling water. What is healthiest to drink, sparkling water or flat water? Many people think that flat water is healthier than sparkling because the latter contains carbon dioxide. … Read more

Persistent weight loss – Where should you look to achieve your goal?

Persevere weight loss

Maintaining weight loss is even more difficult for most people than losing weight itself. With willpower alone, you won’t lose weight. There is a need for a roadmap. Without such an action plan, your intention to lose weight responsibly is doomed to failure. You then quickly fall back into your old and often unhealthy eating … Read more

Which natural painkillers do you best to use in which pain?

Natural painkillers

Natural painkillers are often underestimated. Nevertheless, in many cases they can perfectly replace chemical painkillers (medicines). Even with chronic pains. And that is necessary. Almost 25% of our population suffers from chronic pains. To remedy this, we are massively resorting to analgesic drugs. With prolonged use, they often cause serious side effects. Natural painkillers don’t … Read more