Natural protection against viruses including Corona

Natural protection against viruses

Natural protection against viruses is necessary to prevent worse. We can’t prevent virus infections like the coronavirus. However, we can reduce our risk of virus infections. You can not only with medicines, but also with proper natural nutrition. In this way, we strengthen our immune system and increase our natural resistance. And these are two … Read more

Replace this diet with natural food if we do not want to endanger our health

Replace this diet

Replace this diet with natural food if we do not want to endanger our health. Unhealthy nutrition not only puts our health at risk. It also makes losing weight impossible. Unhealthy nutrition is one of the main causes of excess weight. Often it is not easy to separate healthy and unhealthy food. Another problem is … Read more

Nutrition with a lot of protein makes you lose weight easier, but what does this mean for your health?

Nutrition with a lot of protein

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Nutrition with a lot of protein eating is necessary if you want to lose weight easier. But it takes more than just proteins. Lose weight is done with a lot of protein, enough healthy fats and slow carbohydrates. Proteins in a healthy, natural, balanced and varied diet are important to … Read more

Healthy nuts for balanced cholesterol and better healthy

Increase resistance

Healthy nuts are raw and therefore do not contain any additives. So certainly no added fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives. Eating a handful or not more than 25 grams of nuts daily provides many health benefits. For example, they bring your cholesterol level back into balance. That is achieved by increasing our healthy cholesterol and … Read more

These healthy drinks you should drinks that help us lose weight easier

Healthy drinks

Healthy drinks belong in every healthy diet and lifestyle pattern with natural nutrition and adequate physical activity. That is often forgotten. Healthy drinking helps you get rid of your excess kilograms of body weight more easily. In addition to natural nutrition, there are also plenty of healthy drinks that stimulate your fat burning and make … Read more