Moisture removers – These diuretics help against edema!

Moisture removers help against edema or fluid build-up. Our body consists for more than half of water and other body fluids. A balanced moisture balance is indispensable for good health. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your body retains too much fluid, you have a serious health problem that needs urgent action. You will notice too much fluid in your body mainly on swollen legs, hands or fingers, but also in your face and on your stomach. Edema or too much fluid in your body has many causes.

What are the main causes of edema or water retention and what are the best natural diuretics?

If you retain too much fluid, this has consequences for your health. And also for your body weight. Retaining moisture has many causes. The main ones are:

Leaking blood vessels

Moisture removersMoisture removers… Our small blood vessels can leak. This is often the result of damage or increased pressure. Our kidneys then receive a signal from our brain to retain more water. This increases the concentration of fluid in our body, causing our blood vessels to leak. That water is stored in our tissues so that they swell.

Heart failure

When one of our heart chambers weakens, our blood is insufficiently pumped through our body. This way we retain more moisture. That water mainly accumulates in our legs, ankles and feet.

Moisture removers: Cirrhosis of the liver

Or liver cancer forms scar tissue in our liver so that this important cleansing organ does not function properly. Our hormones and moisture-regulating substances become unbalanced, causing the moisture to accumulate.

Kidney failure

Moisture removers… Insufficient functioning of our kidneys does not drain enough moisture. The pressure in our blood vessels then increases. That is the cause of edema in our legs and around our eyes

Toxic waste

When the small blood vessels in your kidneys are damaged, it is impossible to remove toxic waste and excess water in time. For example, small amounts of protein spread into our bloodstream, which can also cause edema.

Chronic venous insufficiency or CVI


Moisture removersThis is a condition in which the valves in our veins or our veins themselves are weakened or damaged. As a result, insufficient blood is pumped from our legs to our heart. The residual blood increases the pressure in our blood vessels and causes swelling. Then we speak of Chronic venous insufficiency or CVI for short.

Damaged lymphatic system

A healthy and well-functioning lymphatic system helps to drain excess fluid from our tissue. Damaged lymph nodes make this drainage more difficult. With edema or fluid build-up as a result. Other common causes of fluid build-up or edema are:

  • Too much use of salt
  • Sitting or standing still for too long
  • Premenstrual complaints
  • Pregnancy
  • The long-term use of some medicines against, for example, diabetes

Moisture removers can prevent edema

KnoflookFluid floats or diuretics can prevent or treat edema or fluid retention. Our body consists for the most part of water. Men have a higher moisture content than women. While the latter are half water, the moisture content in men averages 65 percent. At 75 percent, babies contain the greatest concentration of water.

So someone of seventy kilos has between 35 and 45 liters of water on board.

Part of this water is lost every day. This can be done by excessive sweating during heavy physical exertion, during sports or in hot summer weather. We lose a significant amount of water through our urine. Drinking enough water every day keeps our amount of water up to standard. We maintain our water balance. Dietitians recommend drinking at least 2.5 liters per day.

Natural moisturizers

You can do a lot yourself to prevent or treat edema or fluid build-up. Many diuretics are available in pharmacies or chemists. However, nothing beats natural moisturizers. The main natural diuretics are:

You do that with this diuretic food, diuretic herbs and-or diuretic plants:

Natural moisturizers: Garlic

Is rich in mustard oil. That helps purify our body of all toxic waste

Natural moisturizers: Asparagus


Contains asparagine, an alkaloid substance that stimulates the functioning of our kidneys, improves our blood circulation and extra waste.

Natural moisturizers: Brussels sprouts

Especially stimulate our pancreas, which releases hormones with a cleansing effect

Natural moisturizers: Coal

Help purify our body. Coals help you lose unhealthy belly fat at the same time

Natural moisturizers: Beets

Are highly diuretic, especially stimulating our liver and kidneys

Natural moisturizers: Carrots

Moisture removersAre rich in carotene, a type of vitamin A that helps remove fat and waste

Natural moisturizers: Celery

Raw celery is rich in calcium, a mineral that stimulates the production of hormones

Natural moisturizers: Cucumber

Is a source of sulfates, minerals that stimulate our kidneys to remove extra uric acid

Natural moisturizers: Horseradish

Breaks down fat and purifies our body

Natural moisturizers: Lettuce

Is rich in iron and magnesium, minerals that strengthen our immune system

Natural moisturizers: Onions

Contain minerals and oils that break down fat and boost our metabolism

Natural moisturizers: Radishes

radishesUnify our body tissues from accumulated fat


Bursting with vitamin C, which accelerates our metabolism

Moisture removers: Eat healthy

Eat at least 300 grams of fresh vegetables and two pieces of fruit, grains, nuts and proteins daily and limit the consumption of sugar and salt

Exercise sufficiently

And at least half an hour walking, cycling, jogging or swimming at your own pace

Eating healthy and exercising more is always the best solution

You probably know that your body needs a wide variety of healthy nutrients to look your very best. You can exercise until your proverbial weighs an ounce, but without these building materials you will never get that body you have been dreaming about for years. Your body needs sufficient protein, but the good carbohydrates and the right fats cannot be missed. In addition, you should also eat all these nutrients in the right proportion for the best result.

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