Limiting carbohydrates for better health and easier weight loss?

Limiting carbohydrates with low carbohydrate bread fits into a healthy and low carbohydrate diet to lose weight quickly. In a low-carbohydrate diet you mainly eat a lot of protein, but also plenty of healthy fats and slow carbohydrates. In a low-carbohydrate diet you eat as little bread as possible. That contains too much added refined sugars. These are one of the main causes of obesity and serious health problems. In a low-carbohydrate diet and yet likes to eat bread regularly, there is low-carbohydrate bread. Cup it yourself, because bread from the supermarket often contains added sugars and fats.

Eat healthier and lose weight more easily by baking your low-carb bread yourself.

Slow carbohydrates are indispensable as a source of energy. Fast carbohydrates or flour sugars are found in more and more food products. You will find them mainly in all grain products and therefore certainly in your daily white sandwich. In addition, these unhealthy fast carbohydrates are present in large quantities in:

  • Refined white pasta
  • White rice
  • Legumes: and especially in peas, beans, vegetable sprouts, capuchin, lentils, peanuts and in chickpeas
  • Potatoes

Limiting carbohydrates: Too much or too little carbohydrates

Limiting carbohydratesIt is therefore important to eat the right carbohydrates in the right amounts. If you eat too many carbohydrates, you will have to deal with a shortage of high-quality proteins and healthy unsaturated fats in a relatively short time. People speak of too high a concentration of carbohydrates if they make up more than 70 percent of your total daily caloric intake. Do you want to lose your obesity healthy and easier? Then eat less food with carbohydrates.

Limiting carbohydrates: Low-carb bread therefore helps you lose weight more easily

In addition, this bread also provides many health benefits such as:

  • Good digestion
  • Healthy gut flora
  • Smooth bowel movements
  • More stable blood sugar levels
  • Less insulin in your blood so you lose more fat
  • Long-lasting feeling: this way your appetite for sweetness disappears, your hunger stays longer and you automatically eat less
  • With the RIGHT carbohydrates you lose up to 2 kilos of overweight every week
  • Provided that this type of bread is part of a healthy diet and you bake it yourself.

Low-carb bread provides sufficient dietary fiber

Limiting carbohydratesThanks to self-baked low-carb bread, you not only get all the necessary nutrients, but also enough dietary fiber. You can increase the concentration of dietary fiber in your low-carb bread by adding legumes, raw nuts, seeds and pips, flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

Limiting carbohydrates: Soybean meal replaces wheat flour in low-carb bread

Wheat flour is the basic ingredient for our classic white bread. Wheat flour makes our white breads rich in fast carbohydrates (sugars) and is partially replaced in soya flour or almond flour in low-carb bread. Soy flour is low in carbohydrates but all the more rich in proteins.

Low-carb bread and a lot of protein make it easier for us to lose weight

Limiting carbohydratesThey provide the necessary muscle building and muscles also consume energy (calories), even at rest. So it is important to maintain your amount of muscle if you want to lose weight. Unhealthy crash diets break down your muscles, which is why you never lose weight with any crash diet.

Low carbohydrate bread with at least 30 percent less carbohydrates

Whole grain or multigrain bread contains an average of 15 grams of carbohydrates. This bread, on the other hand, contains at least 30 percent less carbohydrates, on average about 7 grams.

Healthy fats and fiber

By adding, for example, linseed and sunflower seeds, the fat content of this bread increases slightly. That certainly won’t hurt, on the contrary. It also concerns healthy fats. You can also increase the amount of dietary fiber in your low-carb bread by adding wheat or oat bran to it.

Limiting carbohydrates: Slimmer with low-carb bread

Limiting carbohydratesThis self-baked bread is especially intended for those who want to lose weight with a varied diet without having to miss their breakfast sandwich. Bread with the right amount of healthy carbohydrates will help you burn more fat and lose weight more easily. And as all this shows, this self-baked bread is even suitable for diabetics.

Limiting carbohydrates: Recipe for home-baked low-carb bread

200 grams of finely ground flaxseed, 4 eggs, 60 grams of almond or soy flour, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, 25 grams of sunflower seeds, 25 grams of flaxseed and 25 grams of wheat or oat bran, 50 milliliters of water and a pinch of sea salt


  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees
  • Beat the eggs and water in a bowl
  • Mix the almond or soy flour with the baking powder, the linseed and a teaspoon of salt in a separate bowl
  • Mix both together and beat with a whisk
  • When everything is well mixed together, do everything in a bread tin
  • Bake the bread for about twenty minutes.

Let your self-baked low-carb bread cool and enjoy it with lean spreads such as low-fat cheese (+20), chicken or turkey fillet.

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