Is sparkling water unhealthier than flat water because it contains carbon dioxide?

Is sparkling water unhealthier than flat water because it contains carbon dioxide? That question is often asked because drinking One prefers flat water, while the other prefers sparkling water.

What is healthiest to drink, sparkling water or flat water?

Many people think that flat water is healthier than sparkling because the latter contains carbon dioxide. A lot of research has already been done into the effects of bottled water on our health. Not so, because fruit contains fruit acids and they have no effect on our acidification process. They are even deacidifying. The results of several studies even show that effervescent water is even healthier than flat water.

The health benefits of sparkling water

The carbon dioxide or CO2 present in effervescent water is naturally present in the air we breathe. It is an end product of carbon such as carbohydrate (natural sugars), protein and fat and occurs in our body. Carbonic acid is naturally found in some spring waters or is added to

This makes sparkling water:

    • longer shelf life:carbon dioxide kills pathogenic bacteria and reduces the acidity of sparkling water that also stays fresh for longer
    • Provides refreshing refreshing Feeling: thanks to the sparkling character it gives to bottled water.
    • Do not affect the teeth: carbon dioxide is at an average pH value a low acid content with little or no influence on our tooth enamel. Immediately neutralized.
    • Ensures good digestion: thanks to the extra production of gastric juices Carbonic acid gas stimulates the gastric secretion which increases the gastric function and promotes the absorption of healthy nutrients from our diet. This makes effervescent water better absorption of medicines.
    • Gives you a quick and longer satisfied feeling: which makes you eat less. Inhibits the feeling of hunger. Do something about their obesity
    • sparkling water has no effect on bone decalcification or osteoporosis

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