Limiting carbohydrates for better health and easier weight loss?

Limiting carbohydrates

Limiting carbohydrates with low carbohydrate bread fits into a healthy and low carbohydrate diet to lose weight quickly. In a low-carbohydrate diet you mainly eat a lot of protein, but also plenty of healthy fats and slow carbohydrates. In a low-carbohydrate diet you eat as little bread as possible. That contains too much added refined … Read more

Sinusitis – These plants and herbs help without medicines


Sinusitis is much more common than you think. Our cold and damp winter months are invariably linked to colds, flu and respiratory infections. Sinusitis is usually overlooked. Wrongly, because patients with this condition do not like to see both autumn and winter. The disease manifests itself in all seasons, but cold and moisture only make … Read more

Increase resistance with the right healthy and natural food

Increase resistance

Increasing resistance reduces your risk of colds, influenza (flu), corona and infections of our airways such as bronchitis. A higher natural resistance therefore ensures better health. You increase your resistance in several ways. Most of us choose to take dietary supplements from the drugstore or pharmacist. You can also do it in a natural way. … Read more

Nutrition with most vitamin C protects you against viruses such as corona

Nutrition with most vitamin C

Nutrition with most vitamin C increases our natural resistance and protects us against virus infections such as influenza and corona. Is the most famous resistance vitamin and is important for sufficient energy, your nervous system, healthy bones, teeth, skin and blood vessels. In addition, vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron from food. There are … Read more

Food products without added sugars can be eaten in a sugar-free diet

Food products without added sugars

Food products without added sugars are important if you want to eat sugar-free from now on. Sugar-free eating means, first eating without foods rich in refined white sugar. It is impossible to eat completely sugar-free. In almost all food we find sugar. Even in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Here it is about … Read more