Calm your cough with these natural herbs + Recipes

Calm your cough is easier than you think. Most who suffer from a nasty cough turn to cough syrups and other cough-relieving medicines. But it can also be done differently. With natural means such as herbs and spices. Are you so many saddled with a lingering cough? We all have to deal with colds, flu and coughs, especially in the bleak autumn and the cold and damp winter months. One cough is not the other, because there are different types of cough, all with a specific treatment. When coughing violently, we resort en masse to all kinds of cough syrups and other antimissile medicines. According to recent scientific studies, these cough syrups … are not as healthy.

What natural herbs and spices can you used to calm your cough?

Calm your cough. Coughing in itself is not a disaster. It can greatly hinder you in your daily activities. In many cases, coughing is a symptom of an underlying and more serious condition. Coughing is there fore more than welcome and that can be done in many ways.  Everything that threatens to clog your airways tries to get your body out through coughing, including mucus. Then a helping hand is certainly welcome. Coughing is preferably done with herbs, nature provides a lot to master your cough.

Calm your cough: Types of cough

Calm your cough. Soothing your cough with the right herbs is of course important. But to find it, you must of course know what kind of cough you are dealing with. First, you need to distinguish between a stuck and a dry tickle cough. Coughs can be the result of an ordinary cold or flu, but also worse of bronchitis, asthma, irritated vocal cords and airways. It can of course also be the result of nervousness, fear and stress. All these causes require a different approach and therefore a different herb.

Calm your cough: Soothe a dry cough

Calm your coughing. The cause of a dry cough cannot always be determined. A dry cough is of no use. A dry cough is very annoying and can often last a long time. This is the result of irritated mucous membranes of your airways. This irritation is caused by active and passive smoking or a lack of fresh air

Calm your coughing: Stuck cough

Calm your coughing. Caused by a virus or bacteria. If you get stuck, you cough up colored (especially green) mucus.

Calm your cough: Smoker’s cough

Calm your cough. Both the outside and the inside of your windpipe and of your small airways (bronchi) are lined with mucous membrane and many cilia. The latter act as a kind of conveyor belt that carries both mucus and all kinds of harmful dust particles through your pharynx. Smokers lose these cilia, leaving the mucus and harmful substances in their airways.

Limit coughing with medicines as much as possible

Soothing your cough with all kinds of cough syrups is certainly not a good idea and certainly not with children. Many cough syrups are highly addictive and are even less effective than many natural remedies, such as honey. Cough syrups suppress your cough, but do nothing about the cause. Coughing is best done with natural means such as herbs and spices. They work more efficiently and have no annoying side effects.

Calm your Cough with fresh herbs


Is a natural antibiotic. Combined with all kinds of Mediterranean herbs, thyme is effective for colds and flu. Make tea with a teaspoon of fresh Mediterranean herbs, thyme and a slice of lemon. Let this mixture steep for ten minutes and drink this invigorating tea as warm as possible.

Calm your Cough with Sage

Pour a few leaves of sage with boiling milk for a pleasant taste. Let everything steep for five minutes. After this tea has cooled, you can add a teaspoon of honey to it. This way, all the healthy properties of honey remain unaffected.
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With Black radish

Cut a black radish into slices, sprinkle with brown cane sugar and place a plate on top. Let it soak for 24 hours, strain thoroughly and store this mixture in a bottle in a dark place, for example. Adults use three tablespoons per day, children three teaspoons.

With an onion and honey

Cut an onion into small rings and place a layer of pure raw natural honey without additives. Leave this mixture overnight and you will get an effective cough medicine. Take up to five tablespoons of this per day. This drink especially helps against sticky tough mucus.

Calm your Cough with unprocessed natural honey without additives

Raw honey is pure nature and highly expectorant. The sugar present attracts moisture. As a result, you produce less mucus. Honey is also rich in essential oils. They thin the mucus and reduce unpleasant stimuli.

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