Bitter food – What is it and why should you eat more of it?

Bitter food most of us do not like to eat. Their strong taste scares us off. We love sweet more. Nevertheless, bitter food has a high nutritional value. It is rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and strong antioxidants. With bitter food, we mainly think of chicory, Brussels sprouts, artichokes and grapefruit. But did you know that cocoa, chocolate, coffee and green tea are also part of bitter food? And do you white that bitter food products not only improve our health and even make us lose weight easier?

But what exactly is bitter food and why do we all need to eat more of it?

Bitter food provides many health benefits. This is due to its many plant substances. Thus, bitter food helps against arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and even with diabetes. They also ensure good digestion and a healthy intestinal flora and stimulate our liver function. They make us burn even more stored fat and lose weight easier.

What makes our diet bitter?

Bittersubstances make our food bitter. They come from bitter-tasting ingredients from plants.They are part of nitrogen-free and oxygen-containing compounds such as:

  • Cucurbitacin in cucumbers.
  • Cynarine in artichokes.
  • Lactucin, is found in iceberg lettuce.
  • Naringin in grapefruits.
  • Aromatic bitter substances are also found in dried plants such as basil, savory, rosemary, thyme, lovage, anise, caraway, fennel, coriander and dill.

Why should we eat more bitter food?

Many are wondering why they should now eat exactly more bitter food. Our answer is simple: because it not only improves our health but also helps us burn more stored fat and makes it easier to lose weight.

Bitter quickly provides a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction so you lose weight easier

Due to good digestion, we get a long lasting feeling satisfied faster. Our appetite decreases, we are less hungry again and automatically eat less. Bitter food is recommended for the many who want to do something about their overweight.

Active digestion

The more bitter the taste of food products, the more saliva, heartburn and bile we produce. These improve the solubility of fats from our diet. Bitter components also increase the motility of our intestines. This way the food digests better and that in turn ensures good digestion, healthy intestinal flora and a smooth bowel movement.

Strong immune system

A healthy intestinal flora strengthens our immune system, which also improves our natural resistance. Thus, we are more resistant to seasonal conditions such as colds, flu and respiratory infections such as bronchitis.

Neutralizes acids in our body

Our diet contains more and more sugar, unhealthy fats and starch. We also eat more processed foods such as sweets, biscuits, balls, chips and meat as spreads. All these ingredients turn our body into acids. To neutralize these acids in time, we need more basic nutrients. To neutralize these, the body needs more basic nutrients. And of all kinds of bitter substances work very alkaline, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, processed nuts, seeds and kernels. This way acids and bases bring back balance.

Bitter food you need to eat more: Vegetables

Especially cruciferous vegetables are rich in bitter substances. They purify our body of all toxic waste materials and help you lose weight more easily. The most famous cruciferous vegetables are: broccoli, all green cabbage varieties and especially kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, chard, lettuce, watercress, green beans, garden peas, artichoke, red and yellow peppers, celery, avocado, pumpkin, cucumber and melon.

Bitter food: Bittermelon

Bittermelon is a green and cucumber shaped melon with a very bitter taste. Bittermelons are mainly eaten in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Bittermelons are rich in phytochemicals such as triterpenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids. Of all these substances, it was scientifically proven that they significantly slow down the growth of multiple types of cancers. They are used in natural medicine to reduce our blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics. Bittermelons are also rich in the strongest antioxidants. They protect us from the free radicals that damage our body cells, make us sick and our natural aging process. Bittermelons also help reduce arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


Is so much more than weeds. The leaves of dandelions are not only edible but also very nutritious. You eat them raw in all your homemade salads, in soups, sauces and in pasta. Stirred or fried, they are also delicious. Dandelions are rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamins (A, C and K) and in minerals including calcium, manganese and iron. The leaf of the dandelion is rich in prebiotics inulin and oligofructose, which promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Bitter food: the peel of citrus fruits

The skin and the white marrow under the skin of citrus fruits lemons, oranges and grapefruits contain a lot of bitter substances. This is due to the presence of flavonoids. These substances, including strong antioxidants, protect citrus fruits from pests but also provide many health benefits. The peel of citrus fruits is especially strong anti-inflammatory.


These red and especially very bitter berries can be eaten raw as well as dried, boiled or pressed. They mainly help against bacterial tooth decay, infections of our digestive system and of our urinary tract. They also improve the health of our heart, reduce all kinds of inflammation, stabilize our blood sugar levels and reduce both our blood pressure and the amount of triglycerides (fats) in our blood.

Other bitter fruit:grapes, berries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears, pineapple and mango

Herbs: hops, turmeric, dandelion root, fenugreek, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, dandelion, milk thistle, rooibos, chamomile and mint.


Unsweetened cocoa powder tastes very bitter. It is mainly used in desserts, cocoa butter, cocoa liqueur, vanilla and in sugar in the production of chocolate. Raw cocoa is super healthy. Pure (black) chocolate with at least 85 percent raw cocoa is also and significantly reduces our risk of heart failure. Dark chocolate is healthy if you eat no more than 20 grams per day.

Bitter food: Coffee

Is by far the most drunk drink in the world. Coffee also contains the most and the strongest antioxidants. It protects our body cells from oxidation and reduces our risk of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Coffee you drink in moderation and never more than four cups a day.

Bitter food: Green tea

Thanks to its many healthy ingredients, green tea slows the growth of cancer cells can slow down. Thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols, green tea has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Drinking only a cup of green tea daily reduces your risk of heart attack by as much as 20 percent.

Red wine

The combination of alcohol and polyphenols significantly reduces the likelihood of heart failure. Red wine balances our cholesterol levels, improves your blood clotting and dilates our blood vessels. Red wine is good for our digestion and for our intestinal flora. It reduces the risk of diabetes and osteoporosis or bone descaling, slows down our natural aging process and makes us live healthy for longer. But wine also contains alcohol. So never drink more than two glasses of wine a day.

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