Balancing hormones in a natural way do you so

Balancing hormones improves your health and makes you lose weight easier. Balancing your hormones can be done in many ways. We do this mainly by swallowing medicines. But that’s not always the best way to put your hormones in order. Restoring your hormone balance can equally well be done in a natural way and without medicines.

How do we balance our hormones in a natural way?

You eat healthy,drink plenty of water,move regularly and sleep like a rose. And yet you feel tired and bad in your skin. The cause of all this often lies in your hormones. If they are out of balance,it will sometimes go wrong somewhere. Nasty health complaints are then inevitable. Balancing your disturbed hormones is the only way out,but how best to do this?

What are hormones anyway?

Balancing hormonesHormones are chemicals that regulate important body processes. Are your hormones balanced? Then you are healthy,energetic,and vital. In the other case,all sorts of unpleasant ailments arise. Losing weight then becomes difficult and often even impossible. In response,you are constantly hungry for sweet and fat. You eat unhealthy,tired at the slightest effort. You have a shortage of energy. If we don’t do anything about that,our risk of depression increases.

Balancing hormones can be done in many ways

Then it is high time to do something about it. Balancing your hormones is the only solution. And that can be done in many ways. Often then chemical hormone preparations are prescribed. Balancing our hormones is also possible in a natural way,so without medicines.

Balancing hormones: Multiple types of hormones

We have to take many hormones into account in the health field. Also,if you want to lose weight healthy. For example,there are hormones that make us fat,and others that help us lose weight. Hormones that help us lose excess weight are:

  • The growth hormone
  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • Insulin
  • Estrogen
  • Cortisol
  • Leptin
  • Ghreline

Recognize disturbed hormones

Symptoms that may indicate disturbed hormones are primarily:

You can eat constantly

If your hormones are out of balance,you can eat constantly. Your appetite for sweet and fat is big and is getting bigger and bigger. Too much cortisol or insulin are responsible for it. The more of these hormones we produce,the greater our appetite for salt,so we retain more fluid. Processed food with many added substances such as fragrance,colour,taste and preservatives makes us addicted to unhealthy eating.

Difficult or not even lose weight

An unhealthy diet and too little exercise are major causes of obesity. Disturbed hormones are often forgotten. You will fall hard or not even lose weight. You arrive by drinking water. Too much insulin in your blood doesn’t make you lose a gram of fat. Too much of the female hormone estrogen even causes you to accumulate more fat. Also a slow functioning thyroid slows down our fat burning. Healthy,natural,balanced and varied eating with lots of vegetables is then the only solution to balance our hormones.

Sudden mood swings

Disturbed hormones also cause sudden mood swings. Pre Menstrual Syndrome or PMS is a striking example of this.

Stress and constant fatigue

Are you stressed and constantly tired? Then you make too much cortisol. This increases your stress,causes fatigue and disrupts your recovery process. Cortisol also prevents the production of other important hormones,especially progesterone,melatonin,insulin and DHEA.

Unexplained weight gain

Does your excess weight suddenly increase without any underlying cause? Then you need to look for it with your hormones. If your amount of cortisol is disrupted,you will get unhealthy belly fat.Hormones determine you:

  • Energy consumption at rest or your basal metabolism
  • Fat storage
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat or muscle burn or fat or muscle burn
  • Feeling of hunger and satiety:here the hormones leptin and ghrelin

Balancing hormones: Growth hormonen

Our growth homoon makes us slim. It stimulates our fat burning instead of burning glucose (sugar). The growth hormone also provides more energy,slows down our natural aging process and also increases your muscle mass. The latter is important for a healthy weight. Muscles also consume energy (calories) even at rest and during sleep. From the age of 30,our production of growth hormone decreases. We can make up for this loss with proper (natural) nutrition and sufficient exercise.You also create more growth hormone by:

In the evening after 21 hours little or nothing to eat

This gives your digestion enough rest to recover.

Balancing hormones with B vitamins

You can find mainly in pork and beef,whole grain bread,silver rice and whole grain pasta,in vegetables and especially in green leafy vegetables,in dairy and dairy products,fatty fish,raw nuts,seeds and kernels,in fresh fruit and especially in bananas.

Natural food

Natural food can be recognized by its ingredients. The fewer ingredients your diet contains,the more natural. Thus,pure natural food has a maximum of one ingredient.

Periodically to move

You don’t have to train like a top sorter for that. Daily half an hour of walking,jogging or cycling in the open air is enough. Do this also in bad weather and in winter. Once you have been adapted to this rhythm,you can still increase it.

Enough to relax and sleep

Stress is one of the main causes of excess weight. Timely relaxation and adequate sleep is a must. How much sleep you need depends primarily on the heaviness and intensity of your efforts. One needs more sleep than the others,but it is generally believed that eight hours of sleep per night is ideal.

Hormones Balancing: Testosterone

Women,too,must have enough of this male hormone. Testosteronee increases your muscle mass,strengthens your bones,burns more fat,gives extra energy and helps with depression. Our concentration of testtosterone decreases as we age. But other factors such as unhealthy diet,stress,smoking and drinking excessive alcohol also have a negative impact on our amount of testosterone. You maintain your testosterone level by eating the right diet. These are mainly foods that contain a lot of beta-carotene such as orange and yellow vegetables,foods rich in vitamin B and boron such as fresh fruit and vegetables and raw nuts.

Amino acids

Also help in the production of testosterone. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body cells,of antibodies,muscle tissue and enzymes. The greatest amount of amino acids can be found in protein foods and especially in eggs,meat,chicken and turkey,fatty fish and in raw milk products. Healthy nutrition with the right amount of fat is also important. Opt for healthy fats such as those found in fatty fish,avocado,olive oil and saturated ones such as coconut oil,cream butter,ghee and natural fat from only grass-fed animals.

Balancing hormones: The female hormone progesterone

This hormone is an important fat burner. It is produced by women monthly after ovulation. If you do not get pregnant,your progesterone drops significantly. It slows down your metabolism and lowers your blood sugar levels. It is logical that women in this period are more in the mood for sweet. Eating proper nutrition brings the amount of progesterone to a healthy level. That’s food rich in vitamin B6. These are mainly found in meat,fatty fish,green leafy vegetables,beans,bananas,avocado and tomatoes. Magnesium is also important for the production of your progesterone. You can find this mineral mainly in dark leafy vegetables,almonds,eggs,meat,beans and in raw nuts and seeds.

Balancing hormones: Insulin

Helps convert your food into the necessary energy. If you have too much insulin,you store more fat. The more fat you accumulate,the more insulin you make. The concentration of insulin is mainly determined by what you eat. It is mainly about carbohydrates. These are converted into glucose (sugar) in our body. Glucose is fuel for our muscles and our brains.

Eat as little as possible sweet

High blood pressureFrom the moment glucose enters our blood,our pancreas or pancreas makes insulin. The more sweets you eat,the more insulin we make. Then your blood sugar suddenly rises very high to drop shortly afterwards. We then quickly get hungry again and this process repeats itself. If you eat too much sugar-rich food,you become insensitive to insulin or insulin resistant. Insulin resistance causes not only fatigue,memory loss,mood swings and weight gain but also high blood pressure,Alzheimer’s,strokes,cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With proper nutrition,you can prevent and even cure insulin resistance. Regular exercise also reduces the production of insulin.

Balancing hormones: Estrogen

Thanks to this female hormone,women become pregnant. It creates a beautiful skin and a good mood at the same time. If your female hormones are balanced with estrogen and progesterone,they help burn more fat. They also provide more energy and a good night’s sleep. Too much estrogen causes excess weight,cellulite and some types of cancer. It slows down the functioning of your thyroid gland,resulting in excess weight. Too much estrogen also holds more water and salt. That activates an enzyme that stores more fat. With insufficient progesterone,you become estrogen dominant. This is further promoted by non-fermented soya products such as meat substitutes and soya beans. Processed food and sugar also increases your estrogen content and contains little or no dietary fiber. It is precisely these fibers that drain estrogen.

Balancing hormones: Cortisol for stable blood sugar

Balancing hormonesThis hormone is produced in our adrenal glands. It helps balance our blood sugar levels. We also make cortisol under the influence of stress. Too much causes more insulin and a constant feeling of hunger. Cortisol causes unhealthy stomach fat and reduces the amount of serotonin in your brain. This,in turn,causes more hunger,irritation and depression.

Balancing hormones: Too much serotonin

Causes loss of muscles,thinner skin,memory loss,high blood pressure,dizziness,hot flashes and excessive hairiness. Eating proper nutrition keeps the production of cortisol under control. Think mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially all kinds of berries),raw milk cheese,whole grain bread and mushrooms. Regular exercise also brings to maintain the production of cortisol at the proper level.

Hormones in balance: Leptin warns that you are satisfied

Gives the signal to your brain that you are satisfied and therefore best stop eating. If you have too small a amount of leptin,store fat instead of burning it. You avoid this by using as little fast food,ready-made dishes and frozen meals as possible. Sufficient sleep,slow eating and chewing,nutrition rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids and zinc keep the production of leptin under control.

Keeping hormones balanced you do by:

  • Healthy,natural,balanced and varied to eat with lots of fresh vegetables,fruits,raw nuts,seeds and kernels
  • As little as possible to eat foods rich in sugar and unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats
  • Timely to relax
  • Enough to sleep
  • More to move:by walking,jogging or cycling in the open air every day for at least half an hour. Even in bad weather and in winter
  • Plenty of water to drink:Coffee and tea without milk and sugar and a homemade smoothie are healthy alternative

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