Are you always hungry even after every meal? You can do this!

Always hungry even after every meal, do you suffer from that? Then there is a high probability that you have to deal with excess weight. If you are always hungry even if you have just eaten, you can eat literally day and night. That depends not only on what you eat, but equally on how much and when you eat.

In short, why are you always hungry and what can you do about it yourself?

Hunger is different for everyone. Many are rarely hungry while others are always hungry, even immediately after each meal. Are you always hungry and can you eat constantly? Then there’s a good chance your hormones are messed up. Our hunger is determined by our hormones. That is, in the first place, ghrelin.If you make too much of this hormone then you have:

  • A constant feeling of hunger
  • Low energy
  • Constantly craving for sweet and fatty food

Always hungry: the influence of the hunger hormone ghrelin

Always hungry, even when you just ate? Then chances are you’re making too much ghrelin. This hormone regulates our feeling of hunger and is mainly produced in our stomach and to a limited extent in our pancreas or pancreas, in our small intestine and in our brain. Ghrelin not only regulates our hunger but also the production of growth hormone and regulating the amount of insulin in our blood. Our stomach wall releases the most ghrelin when our stomach empties and quickly reaches our brain. This way you feel that you are hungry and that it is high time to eat and recharge your energy.

Always avoid hunger with difficult to digest food

The faster our food is broken down, the sooner we get hungry again. The faster our food digests, the more ghrelin we produce and the faster we get hungry again. That means that we can suppress our hunger by eating foods that are difficult to digested. This way you produce little ghrelin, you are less hungry and you automatically eat less.The other advantages of a low ghrelin level:

  • A stable blood sugar level
  • Increased metabolism
  • Less insulin is produced
  • You will burn more stored fat
  • More energy
  • Your appetite for sweet and unhealthy snacks disappears

Always hungry: Healthy natural food that suppresses your appetite

Simple fast carbohydrates are so digested and therefore require little or no energy (calories). It is then almost exclusively about sugar and starch. You only feel satisfied for a short time, making you feel hungry again and want to eat even more sweet.To improve your health and lose weight easier, you mainly eat:

  • Lots of proteins
  • Lean meat:such as roast beef
  • Fatty fish:we think first of all of wild salmon, tuna, plaice, haddock, halibut, turbot, dorade, mackerel, sardines, sprats, herring and anchovies
  • Unprocessed nuts, seeds and kernels:which are unsalted, not roasted and unroasted
  • Healthy fats

Unsaturated fats and fatty acids, especially omega 3 fatty acids. These are mainly found in:

  • Fats and oils of vegetable origin: such as olive oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, avocado, fatty fish, nuts, seeds and kernels.
  • In complex and slow carbohydrates as in:
  • Wholemeal cereals: oats, bran, buckwheat, oatmeal and oat flakes
  • Whole grain products: wholemeal bread, whole grain pasta and in non-woven rice
  • Legumes: peas, beans, vegetable germs, corn, capuchin, lentils and chickpeas
  • Fresh vegetables and especially in green leafy vegetables: spinach, endive, lettuce, broccoli, in all green cabbage varieties, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, paksoi and in sprouts

This healthy natural food has high nutritional values with many healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, proteins and strong antioxidants

Always hungry: this way you lose weight without hunger

You always lose hunger weight without counting calories or starving. Losing weight should remain pleasant, otherwise you will never last for a long time. Pleasantly lose weight without hunger and counting calories you do by:

Healthy Breakfast

Your breakfast consists of a lot of protein, enough healthy fats and carbohydrates. A good breakfast will give you enough energy to reach your lunch or lunch without hunger. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea. Then you quickly get to deal with an energy dip and a feeling of hunger which increases your appetite for sweet. Breakfast within the hour after you wake up. This way you prevent your digestion from getting started too late.

By not skipping any meal

So definitely do not skip a single meal. A healthy meal is a source of healthy nutrients to function properly to prevent a shortage of energy.

As little as possible to eat sugar

Sugar only futures your appetite. And the more sugar you eat, the greater your appetite for sweet. In addition to sweets, biscuits, pastries and chips, these are equally good soft drinks, (even their light version) and ready-made fruit and fruit juices

Plenty of water to drink

Always hungerDrink daily at least 2.5 liters per day (coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits also contain a lot of water). Water prolongs your feeling of satisfaction, making you eat less and rinses your body clean of all toxic waste. Often we confuse hunger with thirst. If we drink too little (water) it is the same for your brain than hunger. Are you hungry between meals? Then drink a large glass of water. Your hunger often passes by itself.

More vegetables to eat

So you get all the healthy nutrients you need to function properly. The Nutrition Centre advises to eat at least 250 grams of raw, boiled or steamed vegetables and preferably more per day. In doing so, vary as much as possible and eat vegetables with all possible.

Enough to sleep

How much sleep we need varies from person to person. Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. Enough sleep gives you enough energy for the next day and at the same time helps you lose weight easier. We owe it to our muscles. They also burn energy (calories) even at rest.

Regularly to relax

Always Hunger Stress is one of the main causes of excess weight. In case of stress, we produce more cortisol, which makes us hungry faster.

The more cortisol we produce, the more insulin gets into our blood. This hormone facilitates the absorption of sugar in our muscles. The sugars we do not use are stored in the form of fat.

As little as possible to eat fast food or drink alcoholic beverages

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